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Sony NFC Headphones

Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony's CH710N headphones
Sony NFC Headphones

Online Shopping for SONY WH-CH710N Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling NFC Headphones

Headphones features

  •     Over-Ear headphones with Bluetooth & Noise Cancelling
  •     Battery life rated at up to 35 hours
  •     Compatible with Siri / Google Assistant for iOS and Android
  •     Smartphone Control - Microphone / remote / volume control

AI noise-cancelling

Enjoy music Wirelessly without wires getting in the way with the Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones. If you're an occasional or frequent traveller, the Sony WH-CH710N Noise-Cancelling Headphones will be your ideal companion. The Sony WH-CH710N Noise-Cancelling Headphones adapts to your environment, so the music stays in, and the world stays out. With a dual microphone set up for noise detection, it's precise and clear.

The Ambient mode on the SONY WH-CH710N, lets you in the background noise so you won't miss your platform announcement, and the Active Noise Cancelling mode, will keep the plane, train, and car noise out.

Super Sound High-Quality Music for Audiophiles

 A fantastic, wire-free audiophile experience that delivers soaring vocals and seamless useability. The Sony Over-Ear headphones are equipped with 30 mm dome drivers give a crisp and clear sound with a wide frequency range.

Feel the low beats and appreciate the height of vocals. With lightweight 30 mm dome drivers you get a crisp and clear sound with wide frequency range, that allows you to enjoy a better music feeling, a feeling like your standing in the studio with your favourite band.

Digitalised music is usually compressed at expense of quality. That's where the AI comes in again, upscaling your music so it sounds more high-res audio.

Voice assistance for Apple iPhone & Android Phones

Sone CH710N Wireless Bluetooth headphones do away with Wires, Voice Assistants do away with buttons on the earcups of the headphones. With voice assistants, you can ask directions, or check the weather, without the hassle of taking the mobile phone out. All done through the Headphones.

In addition with Google Assistant and Siri, you can manage hand's free phone calls – all with simple voice commands.

Listen Wirelessly & freely with Sony Headphones

Connect seamlessly, without any Bluetooth settings hassle. Using near-field technology, all it takes is a tap of your phone onto the N-mark.

And the solid battery life, you'll get around 35 hours per charge with noise cancellation turned on, that's well over a day's solid audio. If you find the battery is sinking, a 10 minutes quick charge will give you an hours worth of music playback.

Active Noise CancellingYes
Bluetooth & WirelessYes
Charging CableUSB Type C
Mobile Phone App for Enhanced FunctionalityYes
Near-Field Communication (NFC)Yes
TypeOver Ear

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  • Model: WH-CH710N
  • Weight: 223.00g

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