Xbox One The Latest Video Games Console with Kinect Buy Shop Online

Xbox One The Latest Video Games Console with Kinect Buy Shop Online

Microsoft Xbox ONE is a powerful and versatile games console that is more than just a games console.

It is a next generation games console with more processing power, and aspiring graphics and also a comprehensive media hub with ambitious live TV integration that wants to take over your living room and you.

It aims to use voice recognition to control live TV and switch between app's or games, and the new Kinect sensor enables gestures to control content.

You would be surprised to know how this single box supports so many features inside.

Now you can play online games independently, enjoy long lasting internet browsing sessions (with Explorer of course) and Sky calls.

For the very first time watch Blu - Ray discs on your Microsoft Xbox one, quick access to live TV and may other features that brings the entertainment world to your door.

There is a personalized home screen where you can manage icons according to your convenience. With this personalized home screen, you will get quick access to necessary information as it would be easy to switch between different consoles.

What You Need To Know

Every Xbox One includes the "next generation Kinect"
Comes with built-in Wi-Fi
Has USB 3.0 and a Blu-ray drive
Runs on the same kernel as Windows 8

Microsoft Xbox One Intends to be One

One console of your choice for Gaming

One for Live TV

One for movies

One for Streaming

Revolutionizing Gaming style

Faster processing, HD games, bigger maps and more details; all of these are possible with revolutionizing product Microsoft Xbox one. It includes almost everything inside that we can expect from a game book. With the next level processing, gamers can show their talents with brand new games that are much stronger and flexible than past. The product has copied some wonderful features of Xbox 360 and it is easy to use Microsoft Xbox one with some intelligent modifications. There is 8GB RAM to store gaming content for future use. It means you are free to load multimedia gaming life much quicker as compared to past.

Cloud powered gaming

Did you understand the term cloud powered gaming? Actually cloud gaming allows you start and stop in between to keep you updated in hectic lifestyle. You don’t have to start with initial level to get into the game. Pick up where you leaved off last time. The product is featured by artificial intelligence play improving with time.

Incredible processing speed

Microsoft Xbox one is practically ten times more powerful as compared to its predecessors Xbox 360. The console has 500 GB hard disk and 8-core x86 processor, which has some impressive gaming credentials. If you are a serious gamer, then you will definitely love this wonderful gaming device. The product is carefully engineered to deliver the best performance in gaming industry.

More precise details of the processors for the geek's is eight-core AMD CPU, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a GPU clocked at 853 MHz.

Kinect (their motion-sensing, Intelligent voice recognition system)

The more you will play, better you could control your game. We should say thanks to intelligent voice recognition system, improved Kinect system and sensitive microphones housed in latest Microsoft Xbox one. You just have to switch on your Microsoft Xbox one and it will automatically play your voice inside your profile. It also presents you with customized home screen with quick links to app's and music files.

The new Kinect is a vast improvement over the previous models.

For many of the simple commands it is very impressive like example commands to do with movies, skype etc

Effective console, effective controller

Microsoft Xbox one is engineered carefully with over 40 improvements never sacrificing on performance. It comfortably sits into your hands and you can enjoy multimedia games for long hours. Undoubtedly, Microsoft Xbox one is next generation gaming device with wonderful processing speed and jaw dropping visuals that will captivate serious gamers of all age groups.


The user interface on the Xbox is all about user experience and personalization / customization, and is substantially based on the Windows 8 Operating System. The new slick and impressive interface is an always-ready home screen, just press the controller’s Xbox button, and you’re at your system’s home screen. Tap the on-screen resume button, and you’re back in your game right where you left off.



Using Kinect to recognize you, you can have xbox sign you in automatically.

The main screen is the homescrean with your most recent activities.

To the left of the dashboard you can pin your games.

Its easy to use, and easy to navigate using the controller or Kinect powered motion controls or using voice controls.

On the right you have the app's, store, games, music, films.


To make the Xbox One, the ultimate choice, Microsoft has some great app's that work smartly with the Xbox

Netflix: Watch the latest, the best movies in an instant.

Youtube: Bring in youtube from your smart phone / PC to your TV with millions of amazing videos at an instant.

Skype: Optimized for Xbox, do social or business chat via your TV with stunning HD. Available in Snap or Group Mode. When used in conjuction with the Kinect camera, skype is all the more impressive.

Internet Explorer: Explorer the world wide web with the number 1 browser for surfing, now full integrated and optimized for the console with voice commands.

Box Video: With stunning 1080p HD buy / rent / the latest blockbuster films or classic favorites.

In the Box

Xbox One box console

The Kinect sensor,

A 6-foot HDMI cable

One controller,

and one chat headset.


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