Samsung ST150F Smart Camera 2.0 with Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity

Samsung ST150F Smart Camera 2.0 with Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity

Samsung Smart Digital Camera

This revolutionary smart camera allows you to take high quality photographs and share them instantly with your friends and family with built-in wifi connectivity on social media networks, taking sharing photos to a whole new level! In addition, its wonderful features make it a very interesting, easy to use gadget!

High quality pictures from the Samsung Camera

This innovative smart camera allows you to take clearer pictures with its 16.2 megapixels and bright F2.5 lens, and also gives you the opportunity to take larger pictures, showing more of your surroundings thanks to its wider lens. This makes it great for panoramic shots! Where you are placed is also not an issue as this smart camera offers 5x optical zoom, making it ideal for both close ups but also long shots.

Built-in Wifi Samsung Smart Camera

Nowadays sharing photos on social media networks is part of the pleasure of taking photographs and also a necessity, so this samsung camera has been designed to let you live out this pleasure easy, in total comfort and simplicity. You can connect to the Internet through the digital camera itself, as long as wifi networks are available, and once connected you can share your photos on various platforms, making them memorable not just for yourself but also for your loved ones. The camera also includes various features such as the Samsung Smart Camera app, MobileLink and Remote Viewfinder. It can therefore also be connected to any tablet or smart phone without any hassle.

Large Screen

Screen LCD 7.6 cm (3 inch) the Samsung Smart Camera ST150F features an intelligent large vivid LCD of 7.6 cm (3"). Enjoy excellent contrast and lifelike colors. The lcd screen also adapts to the light conditions to offer you optimal framing and a comfortable reading in all situations.

Saving photographs on mobile phones

Pictures can be sent directly from the digital camera to the phone, making them easily available on your mobile device. This can be done through AutoShare, which only has to be set once. The photographs will then automatically be saved on your mobile as well through wifi networks without any effort from your part.

Sharing images with a mobile device can also be done through MobileLink, which allows you to send a single image or even a whole album if you wish to do so, to any mobile device.

Using your phone to control your camera

Yes, before taking a picture you can view all the settings and arrange every detail through your smartphone, thanks to the Remote Viewfinder. Adjusting samsung camera settings has never been easier!

Downloading apps easily

These incredible features the Samsung Smart Camera offers can be downloaded simply and quickly and all at once - in the Samsung Smart Camera app. This app, which includes AutoShare, MobileLink and Remote Viewfinder, has been designed just for you; to make the process of downloading apps for the digital camera even easier so you can benefit from all the great features this camera offers immediately.

Apart from this, Software Update Notifier will let you know when there is an update for the app, and you can update it easily by simply connecting it to your computer.

Storing your photos in a safe place

One of the greatest advantages this samsung camera offers is that it provides various ways to save your photographs, to make sure you never lose them.

The fact that it has built-in wifi allows you to save images directly on Cloud, for example, making sure they are stored safely. This also means you can store as many images as you like without taking up any memory space!

Moreover, the Auto Backup function allows you to quickly save your photos in your computer, where they will be safe.

More about its amazing quality

Bright, HD photos. This cheap digital camera offers the very best in quality photographs, with a 75mm LCD, giving you brighter, wider and more vivid photographs. The Smart Camera is called “smart” because it can detect the natural brightness and automatically adjust to give you the best possible photograph, amazing you with its clarity every time.

It also has a Smart Auto function which chooses the best mode each time you are about to take a photograph. Whether you are an expert in photography or just an amateur, with Samsung Smart Camera your photo will be that of a pro!

HD videos shoots from the Samsung camera

Apart from being the perfect instrument for taking amazing photographs, the Smart Camera is also wonderful for taking videos, with 30 frames per second and 720p HD. Don’t let its small size fool you; this smart camera will impress you with its power in both taking photos and also videos.

Other incredible features.

Samsung Smart Camera is the camera of the future, allowing you to play around with your photographs with different amazing effects.

Add movement to your photographs by using Motion Photo. It allows you to freeze part of the picture while incorporating action to another part, creating marvelous effects which are sure to dazzle.

Add interesting backgrounds to your photos with Magic Frame, which promises hours of fun. How about putting yourself in an old, classic movie or putting your friend in space? Or maybe become celebrities with your faces on the front cover of a magazine! And don’t forget to share your creative photos on social media networks for added enjoyment!

Unleash your creativity with Smart Filter, which allows you to add original effects to your photographs. Explore the various filters offered; you make the photo look like a cartoon or on old painting. Discover the possibilities Smart Filter has to offer, all through your Smart Camera.

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