Plantronics M25 Universal Bluetooth Headphones for Driving without Breaking the Law

Plantronics M25 Universal Bluetooth Headphones for Driving without Breaking the Law

A simple yet effective blue tooth headset. And with the acclaimed plantronics audio expertise in headset and bluetooth enables devices, you are guaranteed superb build quality and performance.

Just what you need behind the wheel, DRIVE and MAKE / RECIEVE CALLS without fear of the LAW.

  • Supports Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) for streaming of music playback, media, or podcasts etc
  • Minimizes background noise for optimal call quality
  • Onscreen Battery level indicator that also alerts to low levels
  • Deep Sleep mode extends battery life
  • Noise and wind reduction means your voice is heard on calls and not the disruptive background noises.
  • Sound quality is commendable

Fed up of you mobile constantly going dead due to no more battery charge left, in this day and age, rich media uses bites excessively into the battery life.

But thanks to the Plantronics M25 you have, More talk, less charge.

The Plantronics M25 Bluetooth headset has a DeepSleep mode for a battery life which can prolong the usual 16 days standby time of up to five months, so it's always available for use. You can stream music, Internet radio or GPS navigation prompts and Miss so no call. Whispered voice prompts, indicate that battery, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more.

The Plantronics M25 is equipped with the latest in Blue tooth 3.0 technology provides the A2DP Blue tooth profile so that you can listen to music, podcasts, or GPS instructions via your Smartphone. Thanks to its multipoint coupling ability between active connections of two paired phones quickly switch to accept calls on two phones.

The M25 blue tooth headset includes voice prompts that tell in whispers about the talk time, the battery, and more. The features also include improved sound quality with wide-band capable smartphones, noise, wind and echo reduction for better call quality, comfortable fit in left or right ear and up to 11 hours of talk time. The M25 can be loaded via micro-USB cable and is fully charged after two hours.

The power saving mode DeepSleep from Plantronics is activated when your over-ear M25 headset has been 90 minutes away from your phone. When it is back within range (33 feet or less), you can simply tap the call button, to prompt it again. When the DeepSleep mode is used, the usual stand by time can be extended from 16 days to up to 5 months.

Plantronics M25 Universal Bluetooth Headset


Works with any Bluetooth compatible mobile phone.


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