Canon Power Shot A3500 camera with Intelligent Image Stabilisation technology

Canon Power Shot A3500 camera with Intelligent Image Stabilisation technology

Canon bolsters its affordable and imaginative range of compact digital camera line-up with the announcement of Canon A3500 Digital Camera with metal casing and robust build.

The headline model Canon Power Shot A3500 with 16.0 Megapixel is a visually cool, slim and easy to use camera with Wi-Fi and Smart Auto functions. Due to 16.0 megapixels resolution, it is possible to take high quality large images and to easily crop with the digital camera. The 7.5 cm (3.0") LCD is comfortable for viewing and taking images. It has the capacity to zoom images 5 times over.


  • 16 million pixels for detailed images and fresh looking images
  • Large LCD screen of 7.5 cm (3.0 inch) for easy viewing
  • Lens 28 mm wide-angle zoom lens 5 × for group shots and for sharpest pictures possible there is Intelligent IS (Image Stabilisation).
  • Intelligent optical image stabilizer for always sharp and detailed pictures and videos
  • Connectivity Wi - Fi for instant sharing * and GPS geo-location via mobile devices
  • Videos with HD (720 p) quality as standard;
  • Smart Auto Mode (32 scenes) for simple and effortless shots for beginners
  • Economy mode to extend the battery life while on the move. Works by dimming the light after 2 seconds of inctivity.
  • Fun and creative modes: miniature, super wide-angle, Toy Camera. Sight control

Capture fine detail and crop further with 16.0 Megapixels

Capturing all the details using the Canon lens with 16 million pixels sensor provides excellent image quality, as well as perfect for image enlargements of (A3 + paper size) or creative cropping.

Easy viewing and sharing on 7.5 cm (3.0") LCD

Thanks to a slightly wider build than the average digital came, the canon camera comes with a a big bright screen and easy to read display (230,000 pixels) that facilitates navigation and allows you to compose and preview your shots with ease - share photos is a real pleasure.

Go wide or get close with 28mm, 5x lens. 10x ZoomPlus

Enlarge your view with the 28 mm wide-angle lens, ideal for all types of shoots from group photos or breathtaking landscapes. The 5 x optical zoom brings you closer to distant subjects, or even very big plans with ZoomPlus 10 ×: this advanced zoom technology guarantees a higher level of detail and precision than conventional digital zoom.

Intelligent image stabilizer

Canon effectively avoids blurs in the images using the intelligent image stabilization, as it has a feature of shake correction. It gives excellent sharp results and nice exposure when it is not possible to take stable photos. This camera has all the needed features to ensure stable shots for you. Besides, it is possible to take very good pictures of moving subjects. The images have even a better quality when taken from a closer distance. You can use your camera not only for images but also as a video camera. You will have clear and sharp videos regardless if the object is moving or whether it is stable.

There are 7 modes for Intelligent image stabilizer to minimize blur

1 Normal image stabilizer camera shake Correction to reduce blur when shooting.

2 Panning IS helps maintain a moving subject in the framework with stabilizing in one direction only when panning horizontally or vertically.

3 Macro image stabilizer provides additional compensation for close quarters shooting.

4 Tripod mode ensures optimal results for photos and for videos when the camera is placed on a stable surface.

5 Powered image stabilizer offers stability in movie footage with greater clarity and less wobble when recording with a high zoom level.

6 Dynamic image stabilizer corrects both the trembling of the hands and the vibrations produced by the user to produce videos, for example, recording while on the move

7 Dynamic image stabilizer and macro detects the closely spaced recording and combines the dynamic image stabilizer corrections and hybrid for sharper and more fluid shots.

Instant online Access and mobile sharing thanks to Wi-Fi & PC connectivity

Due to its Wi-Fi feature, it is easy to connect your camera to smart phone and PC. You can also connect your camera to a printer if you have the capacity of printing the images instantly. It will not take you long to upload your pictures online to share your experience with your friends and connections (facebook and youtube uploading and sharing). You can also tag your friends right in your camera and indicate the location where the images were taken.

In addition PowerShot A3500 IS allows you to use Wi - Fi technology to mark the pictures from your camera by using the location information recorded by the GPS on your smartphone. The Canon Camera Window application uses the GPS on your smart phone to record locations when you realize your shots with your device and then synchronize them with the files from your camera using Wi - Fi technology.

HD Movies

Instantly record high quality videos in HD (720 p) thanks to the optical zoom by one-click on the video recording button.

Smart Auto (32 scenes); Help Button

The Canon intelligent automatic mode - Smart Auto allows you to obtain high standard shots effortlessly by having a auto detection and selection function for optimal settings from 32 variables. Use the Help button for quick, easy-to-follow guidance on using your camera and its functions.


The images taken are highly sharp and detailed. If you have willingness to instantly share your images, the camera is enabled with Wi-Fi, as well as GPS-tagging. You can take not only pictures, but also high quality 720p HD videos. You can also save the battery with a special Eco mode, which allows taking more pictures under single battery charge. If there is something not clear with the usage of the camera, there is Help option that will clarify all the available features. Images taken with this camera have such a high quality, that they are perfect to be printed as wallpaper or in other large scales. The screen of the camera is so sharp and clear that it is a high pleasure to navigate through the menu and to explore the additional features of the camera. You can take images in different modes, starting from landscape, finished with the mode intended for group shots.

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