Nook eReader 6Inch Display with 2GB Storage for 1000 Books

Nook eReader 6Inch Display with 2GB Storage for 1000 Books

If you love reading then you will certainly love the simple Nook eReader. An eReader that is low cost and is for the masses.

Whether your in the home or ob the move, the lightweight and simple-to-use is your ideal companion.

Light of your life

Available to use in the light or dark, thanks to the Simple Revolutionary Touch GlowLight features an illuminated display screen, that lets you read in the dark with ease and simplicity.

The illumination has never been seen before with E Ink display, allowing you to paperless and glare-free in the day or night.

Thus clever little e-reader will allow you to adjust illumination with the touch-screen display.

Simplicity reading

Thanks to the 6" E Ink® display which is designed to make and feel reading similar to that of paper reading with glare in sunshine, so you can enjoy all your favorite books easily. In addition you have a choice of 6 fonts to choose from.

In addition the Nook is not backlit, which makes reading with ease in the dark as well as light.

Thanks to the Best-Text Technology™ this eReader delivers sharp, easy-on-the-eye text to make reading as relaxing as ever.

The NOOK® Simple Touch GlowLight has a touchscreen for easy use, so you can open your book, organise your library and look for new books, as well as make text bigger or change the font to suit your preferences.

This smart eReader lets you flip through your lists of books and turn pages with speed so you can choose from your favorites and be lost in the story in no time.


The eReader has a 2GB storage (1GB spare and 750MB reserved for Barnes & Noble content).

This should allow you to store upto a whopping 1000 books on the Nook eReader.

In addition you have a microSD slot to upgrade the memory (upto 32GB) so that you can save more books on the wonderful Nook.

Surf the NOOK® Store

With over 2.5 million titles in the NOOK® Store, you have a massive choice of reading available at your finger tips. The NOOK® Store has an extensive range of books, magazines and newspapers available to purchase, and some titles are also free to try.

In addition you can loan public library books when they come in the universal ePub format, providing you with more literary options.

Foe all of this all you need to have is a Wi-Fi connection.

Exceptional extra long battery life

Unlike the tablets, that boast a battery life of about 9-10 hours depending on the usage, the battery life of the the NOOK® SimpleTouch GlowLight is a whopping 2 months if you read an approximately half an hour daily for 2 months.

The batter life is actually Battery life of 1344 hours.

For the serious readers, it only takes 3.5 hours to re-charge the Nook by connecting to the PC.


Weighing only 197 grams, the NOOK® Simple Touch GlowLight eReader is perfectly designed to come everywhere with you.

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