Wireless Headphones for TV

Wireless Headphones for TV

Wireless headphones free people to listen to music or watch a movie near your stereo system. The wireless headphones are not connected directly to a TV player, computer, or mp3, because they communicate via infrared signals or radio to a central base station. With a wireless headset, you can be free to listen to a variety of audio inputs while wandering around your home or during exercise.

You may wish to enjoy watching TV with headphones for many different reasons.

One of the most important reason would be to avoid disturbing others, especially if you enjoy having the volume set at high levels. So you can enjoy dramatic sound effects of modern movies, while your partners sleeps the night away, or your neighbors, the floor above or next door do not hear a sound.

In addition, if your in a noisy room, just put the wireless headphones on, and enjoy fantastic sound from the TV, and shut out the background room noise.

No matter what the reason, most users can agree that being tethered to the television with a short cord can be frustrating. Luckily, wireless headphones are available so that viewers can comfortably sit on the couch or walk around the room without having to remove the headphones.

Several different types are available. One thing is certain, not all headsets are created equal. Shoppers must learn about the different types of headphones and consider several factors like transmission range, battery life, sound quality and comfort before deciding on the set of wireless headphones that will best meets their needs.

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best wireless headphones for tv

best wireless tv headphones

Comparing to Bluetooth

Wireless Headphones for TV usually operate by radio frequency, using 900 Mhz or 2.4 Ghz. They consist of two parts. On the one hand we have the headphones themselves and on the other, a station base, where most of the time they also act as a charger. The base station connects to the audio output of the device you want to use.

This is the main difference we find in relation to Bluetooth headsets, which are connected directly with devices that support the technology. The main advantage compared to Bluetooth headphones, is their greater range, especially in the presence of obstacles.

Choosing a Good Wireless Headset

To purchase wireless headphones, it is important to know that they work and receive a signal from a stationary device. On that base station, manually connect different audio inputs such as CD players and cable television to test. Each wireless headphone system is connected to a number of these audio channels simultaneously. Usually, the base station charges the battery of the wireless headset.

If you’re looking for a wireless headset for your phone or listening to music is important whilst you study, you have to look into the details of what is out there first. But for this research to be effective, you should know what to look out for to help you find the perfect headset for you. It’s easiest to list the elements that make up a great pair of wireless headphones.

Sound Quality

With wireless headphones, there is usually the risk of getting interference from other devices and this can affect the sound quality. Some wireless headphones will have a better connection than others though, and wearers of these might hear static or some popping during use. The volume of the headphones should also be fully adjustable to maintain optimum levels.

Some headphones will be louder than others, and if the volume isn’t able to block out background noise, then you should start to look for a new pair. Always try and test out headphones prior to purchase to get a sense of their quality beforehand.


Wireless headphones come in different designs. Therefore, it is important to choose one that is light and not bulky. The aim is to find something that is comfortable to wear every day. Each design has its own levels of comfort and of course all depends on your preference.

Top Brands | Best wireless tv headphones

Which wireless headphones are the best, well it depends on your preference and ofcourse budget.

Sennheiser RS 180 & Sennheiser RS 220 deliver supreme sound, as well as top notch build quality. But like most sennheiser products, they come quality comes at a price.

In addition the likes of Sony, Philips, Thomson, Panasonic all have good offerings at value price.

Make it Easy to Use

Some wireless headphones can be confusing to use after opening the package. If simplicity is the key, it is important to purchase ones that are not too difficult to use and whose buttons are easy to find. The most important thing is to control the volume easily. Some headphones let you listen to music while others come with the activation function voice control.


Wireless headphones run on batteries to operate. The better quality headphones provide more than 30 hours of listening time, although most last between 20 and 25 hours, before batteries will need to be recharged.

If the batteries need to be replaced, then this adds to the cost of the headphones and will need to be considered. Those whose batteries don’t last long may not be the best option. It makes them inconvenient and could cause them to cut out unexpectedly. You should research the type of batteries that the headphones use and weigh up the pros and cons of how the battery life may affect the long term cost of the headphones.


TV Wireless headphones open up a new world of free listening in peace. They allow users to watch television and do jobs without disturbance from other people. Likewise, those around you won’t be distracted either.

Wired headphones are still available, but they are not as convenient and lack the freedom that wireless ones provide. Withour Wires headphones take everything up a level. No longer do you need to worry about taking the headphones off or unplugging them or tangling up wires endlessly.

They may have some disadvantages though. This is why it is important to consider different varieties, brands and several other factors before deciding which ones are best for you. There are many types to choose from, so take your time to get the most out of wireless headphones that will both meet your needs and fit within your budget.

About the Author. M Noman (Headphones-Earphones UK) is a ecommerce audio acoustic specialist, and this articles / product description is linked to his profile.

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