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Incredible Audio with the Samsung Level Series Audio Products

Samsung Headphones & Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Samsung has recently announced a brand new series of premium audio products. These three pairs of headphones and wireless Bluetooth speaker promises to deliver the best sound experience possible for Smartphones and tablets, ranging from the Level Over, the Level On and the Level In, to the Level Box which is the Bluetooth speaker. Samsung and Apple are very bitter rivals, ever since the Korean company copied the iPhone design in both hardware and software. With this latest launch however, Samsung are set up to compete with the top audio providers, propelling their products onto the market.

Level Over

samsung headphones level over

This headphone line-up is headlined by the Level Over. The Level Over features a pair of Bluetooth headphones with an over-ear design and noise cancellation. These headphones also contain NFC pairing with a clear sharp sound. The headphones come with a single detachable cable, which also includes a remote and microphone. The cushioned headband provides extra comfort to the user, and the faceplate to the headphones is touch sensitive. This allows the user to turn down the music by simply stroking the plastic. Swipe up to increase the volume, down to decrease it, and you can even tap the plastic to pause your music. The headphones can also be used to change tracks, swiping left to go back and right to go to the next song. This greatly adds to the convenience of the headphones, as none of the other Level series have this feature. With a 30 hour battery life and a 50mm neodymium driver, these headphones offer a more natural sound when compared to others on the market. The ear cushions are designed to offer maximum comfort, with a modern appearance to add style and flare.

Level On

Samsung on-ear Level on Headphones

The Level On, unlike the Level Over is designed to be worn on the ear. These headphones are wired. The product is foldable and it also has a striking resemblance to the Level Over. The Level On has a 40mm driver and no touch pads on the outside. These headphones have a modular cord set up, which means that the cord can be detached from the headset for practical reasons. These headphones are great for those who want something a little smaller than the Level Over headphones, and they are also much cheaper from a financial perspective. These headphones come with a soft leather headband and padded cups, with a hard outer shell to protect the system. Although the Level On doesn’t have the touch sensitive features that the Level Over has to offer, it is certainly a great purchase for those who want style and practicality from their headphones.

Level In

Samsung Earphones Level In

Next we have the Level In Earphones. These headphones are priced competitive and are fully designed to be placed inside the ear itself. Samsung promises a rich and natural sound from these headphones, making them a contender on the current market. The Level In headphones has lots of midrange and lower high-end, as well as having three built-in speakers for different frequencies. This is something that Samsung prides itself on, and it is certainly set out to deliver a top audio experience to every user. Whether you listen to music on your way to work or simply want something new to replace your old headset, the Level series is certainly taking the market by storm. The wire for the Level In headphones comes with a volume control and the ear buds come with 4 silicon and 3 memory foam ear tips. This allows the user to change up their earphones over time, providing a more comfortable and relaxed audio experience.

Level Box

Samsung’s Level Box is nothing like the headphones; instead this device is a speaker/speakerphone box. The Level Box is priced at $170, and it comes complete with a solid aluminium top. It also features accessible top-mounted controls, which makes the device itself very easy to use. The Level Box has a promised battery life of over 15 hours, making it great for day trips and days out. The box contains a front metal grill, which makes it appealing to many speaker fans. You will also find that the Level Box is around the same size as the Beats Pill 2.0 and it is clearly positioned to compete with it. The great thing about the Level Box is the volume. The box can be turned up to a loud volume without compromising sound quality, not to mention that it has quite a lot of low-end which is great for the system as a whole. The Samsung Level Box is Bluetooth compatible, and the metal casing makes it incredibly durable when compared to other plastic speakers on the market. Because of its metal design, the Level Box is slightly heavier in comparison to other speakers but this simply replicates the solid structure that this speaker has to offer. It also comes with a hard line in jack, suitable for 3.5mm cables. The Level Box costs around 15% less than the Beats Pill 2.0, not to mention that the NFC pairing is also another great bonus of this latest technology.


Samsung has certainly set out to level up your ears with these latest releases. Samsung is even developing a new range of audio accessories that comes complete with an app which works on S5 Smartphones and other Galaxy devices. The device also hears your S Voice commands, making it a quality investment for those who want a little more from their audio devices. Overall, the Level Series has certainly left its mark on the technology market, and each design has a lot to offer its users. Whether you go for the Level Over, the Level On, or the Level In, they all offer exceptional sound quality. The Level Box is also a worthy investment, as Samsung refuses to be dethroned any time soon when it comes to their latest audio and speaker equipment.

About the Author. M Noman (Headphones-Earphones UK) is a ecommerce audio acoustic specialist, and this articles / product description is linked to his profile.

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