Hi-tech Hi-end Premium Expensive Headphones for Home Entertainment Systems

Hi-tech Expensive Headphones for HIFI & home entertainment Systems

Many music lovers have given Bang and Olufsen the hard shoulder ever since the Eighties, where Pink Floyd fans have dismissed the incredibly stylish systems in an effort to part the Dire-Straits lovers from large sums of money. The two words, ‘Bang and Olufsen’ have the same effect on audio snobs as ‘Turkey Twizzlers’ have on the famous chef Jamie Oliver. Hi-fi bores class B&O as ‘not hi-fi’ and this stigma is still around today

Bang and Olufsen’s new BeoPlay headphones

Bang & Olufsen beoplay h6

Although Bang and Olufsen’s new BeoPlay headphones aren’t the cheapest around, priced at £329, they sound great. These days of course, audiophiles are an incredibly rare bread. Many of them have been wiped out by Apple’s age of annihilation, namely being the IPod series. Peter Bang however, hasn’t given in yet, and is still out to compete with the technology giants. It would have been all too easy for B&O to create a worldwide selling, seven-foot tall speaker that settles among other pointless luxuries such as old tea sets. Instead of doing this however, B&O has been incredibly smart and set pace on a new trend. They started to create fashion headphones for normal people who have a bit of cash to burn on the latest releases. Now, headphones nearly outsell all other speaker systems in the UK, so it makes sense for B&O to strategically create a new wave of audio equipment geared toward this market.

Ted Baker’s Rockalls

Famous British designer brand in the market for Fashionable Headphones with premium feel.

Ted Baker Headphones

Ted Baker’s Rockalls are also genuinely good. If you are like other music fans in the UK, who don’t want to wear something that makes them feel like a Power Ranger with a touch of Justin Bieber, then these Ted Baker Rockalls work a treat. These new crop of leather headphones have been designed by Ted Baker, a hi-fi snob himself, so you know he hasn’t purchased them from a substandard Chinese company and stuck his name on the front with a hefty price tag. Instead, he hired an audiophile nerd from Richer Sounds and offered him a new job, and a new life working in a company he would be proud to mention at dinner parties. Hence why these headphones are great in quality, and the engineer who designed them has been described as having some of the best ears in Britain. This doesn’t refer to his pixie-like lobes, but to his ability to tune a speaker into perfection. This alone delivers an exciting experience to whoever listens to these headphones. Unfortunately, there is a distressing need to ‘tune’ headphones into a specific sound these days, and that sound more often than not, is bass. This means that normal music sounds a lot like depressing funeral music, mimicking a gallery ship which rows slowly across the river to hell.

As we all know, anything we British can do, the French can do much better, much cheaper, with much less effort. That is why Philippe Starck, who has his own brand of lemon juicing equipment, which juices lemons a little better than your standard juicer, created his own brand of headphones. These headphones are called the Parrot Zik, and they retail for around £349. These headphones have a huge range of high tech functions, but they are very tricky to use and much more difficult to operate when compared to your standard set of headphones.

Headphones: A Buyers Guide

Over-the-head headphones come in two different types of varieties. There is the open and closed back. Open back headphones can offer a much purer sound when compared to the closed back, but you will also be blasting your music out to the people nearby. If you want to use your headphones with your Smartphone then you should make sure that it comes with line-in controls. This will let you stop your music when needed, very beneficial when you’re on the phone or travelling downtown.

5 Great Headphones for Grown-Ups


They may not look like conventional headphones, but when it comes to the main purpose of headphones, that is amazing sound, the top notch japanese headphones deliver supreme sound.

Audio-Technica ATH-A900XLTD

These headphones retail around £389 and you can buy them from: https://www.shoppingway.co.uk/brands/audio-technica

They said that most adults want headphones that don’t make you stand out in the crowd, but if you try these on in the bus, you’d attract looks from the back seat. These headphones will make you feel as though you are stood in a crowd wearing bright orange tiger face paint. The sound is absolutely stunning, and with a double-damping system you’ll get audio depth that you’d normally pay over £1,000 for in the shops.


Lofty price, but reassuringly great audio performance from am established audio acoustic company.

denon AH-D340

These headphones retail around £340 and you can buy them from: https://www.shoppingway.co.uk/brands/denon

About a year ago now, there was a huge outbreak of mass insanity at Denon with party style headphones that had blue LED lights. Thankfully, that time has passed, and now Denon are back to their boring designs. These headphones have a black leather- steering wheel feel, and crisp, bold sounds.


CD Quality, and award winning headphones.

philips M1BT award winning headphones

These headphones retail around £250 and you can buy them from: www.philips.co.uk

If you are a treadmill addict, then take note. You can switch you workout music to a CD quality wireless streaming device that uses Bluetooth to remove the hassle of tangling wires and kinks. Perfect for when you’re spinning the old hamster wheel. Although the M1BT’s have won awards, it certainly isn’t for the design. The only reason for that is because there isn’t yet an award for the world’s ugliest headwear. Although the design doesn’t quite compare to the device itself, you’ll find that the sound is absolutely stunning.


In the game for only the hi-end market, these parrot zik, and the parrot zik brand only delivers top notch performance.

parrot zik headphones

These headphones retail around £349 and you can buy them from:

These headphones were designed by the lemon-squeezer himself Philippe Starck. These Ziks are widely known as a technology powerhouse. They are wireless and they have five microphones per earphone. These microphones deliver unearthly levels of noise cancelling, and they even stop the music for you when you take them off!


Maybe not on everyone lips, but the MUSICAL FIDELITY MF-100 can deliver the audio of other brands at a fraction of the cost. Dont let the cost hold you back from acquiring premium sound, and exceptional comfort.

cheap Musical Fidelity MF-100

These headphones retail around £120,

Like many other journalists, I have the right to rewrite history. These headphones deliver an ultra clear sound that is identifiable when listening to string quartets. These headphones also do wonders for Black Sabbath, summoning Geezer Butler’s bass out of the mix with clarity and awesomeness!

About the Author. M Noman (Headphones-Earphones UK) is a ecommerce audio acoustic specialist, and this articles / product description is linked to his profile.

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