FreeWavz Wireless Earphones

FreeWavz Wireless Earphones

Fitness FreeWavz Wireless Earphones That Control Sound And Track Health Records

Headphones have rapidly changed the way we listen to music, as well as becoming a fashion statement for people all over the world. Now, FreeWavz, a Florida based company has created a groundbreaking new design that does away with wires, making it easier than ever to enjoy your latest tracks comfortably.

Developed by ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. Eric Hensen, these earphones use Bluetooth to connect to mobile devices such as the iOS and Android. You will also find that these headphones come with pulse oximeter as well as three-axis accelerometers. This enables the device to track a range of fitness metrics, ranging from heart rate to the number of calories burned and even the distance covered. Other measurements include activity duration and oxygen saturation, with the data fed to the user using real-time audible notifications. The user can also set the headphones to update at regular intervals, or when they have reached their fitness target.

Freeways do away with ear buds to keep the ear canal completely free. They also feature a conical sound delivery system which is encased in memory foam. The memory foam adjusts to the shape of the individual’s ear, to offer maximum comfort. FreeWavz headphones also come with an independent volume control, which allows the user to adjust how much environmental sound they can hear when the headphones are in use. This, accompanied with the six-frequency equalizer makes these headphones incredibly useful for runners and cyclists who exercise on busy streets.

FreeWavz Wireless Earphones are also incredibly sturdy. They are water and sweat resistant, and users can expect the battery to last up to eight hours. In order to increase the app range, FreeWavz have devised an Application Development Kit for third party developers in an effort to increase the range of apps suitable for FreeWavz. Early adopters on Kickstarter can pre-order this for US $179

About the Author. M Noman (Headphones-Earphones UK) is a ecommerce audio acoustic specialist, and this articles / product description is linked to his profile.

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