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Learn How to Repair Headphones

You cannot use your portable listening devices like ipod, ipad, tablets, smart phones, mobile phones and media players etc properly without headphones. Unfortunately, the headphones can be damaged many ways. They can be caught in a door, chewed up by pets, or tangled up and ripped. In addition you can just get general wear and tear, that can result them in not working. If these are budget headphone, then you can just simply replace them. But if your headphones are a prized asset for you, an expensive set would be difficult to replace. So by reading this article you can go on to fix headphones.


You could pay for a new pair or you can fix them at home. Repair headphones is a great idea if you are a person who seems to always find a way to break the headphones. First though, here are a few tips on how to avoid damaging them in the first place:

Take Care to Avoid Damage


Make sure to invest in quality headphones.

At Shoppingway we only retail the top brands like Sennheiser Sony AKG Skullcandy Philips JVC etc.

Although proper care extends the life even of the cheapest headphones, start with a quality pair – like those with an “L” shaped connector and thick cables – these signifiers makes your decision easy.


Unplug your headphones when not in use. Although winding them around the device is convenient, it puts pressure on the internal cables and shortens the life of your headphones.


Store your headphones in a box for transport. Putting them in your pocket increases pressure on the flex cable and leaves it vulnerable to pocket lint and other debris from the handset.


Clean your headphones. Dirt accumulates inside your headphones with time, so clean them with a tissue after each use. If necessary, clean them with a toothbrush to remove dirt from the holes of the speaker, and then clean them gently with a slightly damp cloth.

Identify the Issue | Fix headphones

Before you can fix the problem, you first need to identify what the issue is. As the following list suggests, there can be a number of problems affecting your headphones.

• Were they dropped? Loose parts can occur within the earpiece.

• Did a pet chew the lead? This may mean create a tear in the wires within the lead.

• Did the lead get pulled while it was still attached? This can pull the wires out where the plug is.

• Does only one side work? This usually means that a wire connecting to one of the earpieces is damaged.

• Is the sound crackly or faint? A connection somewhere is most probably loose. Listen carefully and you should hear what ear piece is affected.

• Is there no sound at all? Both sides will need fixing if that’s the case.

• By moving things around, does it make the sound any clearer? This means there is probably a loose wire somewhere within the earpiece and the same goes for the plug itself.

Headphone Parts

headphones parts

How to Repair Headphones

Most of the issues surrounding headphone damage is to do with the wires inside the lead. Here is the best way for you to inspect and repair a problem like this. You will need a soldering iron, solder, insulating tape, craft knife, wire cutters and a screwdriver.

fixing headphones

A youtube video by Rich on how to repair cuts in wires


Cut the wires at the ends. The ends of the headphone wires may be twisted. You need to connect these wires together. By cutting the ends of the wires, it is going to create a clean area to fix the ends. Make sure you get rid of enough wires, so that all the damaged wire is gone.


Remove both sides of the two wires with the wire stripper. Pull out the outer casing. And expose the two small wires inside. These wires will need to be stripped as well. All you have to do then is repeat the previous step on those wires on the inside.


Next, separate the wires out and fold them both in opposite directions. Note that it’s necessary for these wires to not touch during this process.


Hold both of the wire ends and make sure the casings under the wires are next to one another. You need to twist the red wires to the left and white wires to the right hand side. After this, simply twist both sets of wires together. Get some electrical tape and cover the red wires that you have twisted with this. Repeat this step with the white wires as well.


The final stage is to bend both sets of wires as far away from each other as possible, so the red far to the left and white, far to the right. The result should be that a group of wires lying flat against the large wire, whilst the second lying against the other end. Use tape to keep your cables safely in place. Your headphones will now hopefully have one continuous wire which may be slightly thicker in the middle section.

How to Repair or Recable Sennheiser HD 428


You do not need a masters in engineering or an advance diploma to fix your valuable headphones, all you need is a basic items, and above all determination

About the Author. M Noman (Headphones-Earphones UK) is a ecommerce audio acoustic specialist, and this articles / product description is linked to his profile.

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