How to Choose the Best Gaming Headset for You?

Video games nowadays will usually benefit from voice inputs, as a means of communication with many other players from across a network. This kind of audio technology will also add an extra level of depth for gamers, certainly for those kinds of games that integrate first and third person perspectives.

To get the best experience out of these games, it’s imperative to own a good quality headset. There are indeed many of variations out there and it isn’t always a simple decision when it comes to choosing one that fits all your criteria. However, if you use the following information as a guide, then you should find the process a little bit easier.

Difference Between Headsets and Headphones

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Lots of us use the terms “headset” and “headphones” as one and the same, when in fact there are some subtle differences. A headset usually implies that a microphone is present as part of the headphones and is hinge don the end of a boom arm. It isn’t always essential to have a headset for gaming and a separate microphone can be used, either built in to the computer or bought as a separate accessory. Therefore, headphones are without a microphone and are purely used for the act of listening.

Speakers vs. Headphones

There are many advantages for using headsets, rather than just external speakers. Headphones have a truly immersive quality and in doing so, will reduce exterior sounds. This makes your viewing and gaming experience more intense and also helps you to hear more subtle noises from within the game.

The headphones might not be able to match surround sound for creating a unique sensory space, but the most modern headsets are catching up quick in terms of replicating this effect. Headsets also mean that nobody else in the vicinity will be bothered by the amount of noise you are listening to, meaning you can be free to play your game at your leisure.

Choosing the Best Gaming Headsets

Amongst the most important aspects to consider when buying a new gaming headset are the comfort and durability of the product.


If you’re a gamer who enjoys playing for many hours at a time, then you have to make sure the headset you own is going to fit you properly and incorporate a maximum level of comfort for you. The last thing you need is to start feeling discomfort and pain during a game, or else the experience will be tarnished.

Regardless of whether your headset
smartoffers high quality sound, you should not put up with uncomfortable products.

It’s important to search for headphones with padded areas underneath the headband, particularly on headphones that are heavier than others. Having this padding means that the headset can sit comfortably on your head and not allow any pains to build up over time.

How the headset fit over your ears is crucial too. This is because it can affect the auditory experience, as well as comfort levels, so try them on before you buy.

In terms of comfort you can also think about over-the-headset or on-ear headset. On-ear sit on top of the ears so could be uncomfortable for some, and over the ear cover the whole ear, which provides more comfort, as well as passive noise cancellation.


It’s a fact that headset need to be durable and have a decent amount of longevity, particularly the more expensive varieties. It doesn’t always work out like that though unfortunately. Therefore, before you buy, research the durability of the headset you wish to purchase.

If you’re buying online, try and gather as many reviews as possible to get a rounded opinion on the product. Look at how flexible the headband is and also check out the joints of the headset. You will know if the model is weak and may not last long just by this initial inspection. It goes without saying that a metal product will outlast a plastic one, so factor this in too.

Also look at the top brands as they tend to have better build, and better reputation. Most people do not buy headsets often, so when you do buy one, make sure buy a good one that will last for a while. At shoppingway we only sell the reliable and quality headsets by best brands for assured buying.

Positional Audio

The advancement of audio technology is a new and exciting element of video games nowadays. The rise of positional audio is just one such aspect. This means that on a set of speakers, you get a distinct sense of three-dimensional space between each player. This enhances the realism of play and helps them judge whereabouts any activity is happening from within the game. On higher budget headsets, this positional effect will become more apparent.

Digital and Analogue

Modern headsets are created as digital stereo and analogue systems combined. Analogue headset have within them, multiple speakers that aims to reproduce the sense of surround sound. However, this can lead to some distortion that is produced by the interaction of the sound waves inside the speakers. Digital stereo, on the other hand, will often provide the best quality of sound, although it cannot duplicate surround sound as accurately as analogue.


There is some distortion between different models of headphone and headset. Sometimes, the link between sound quality and price is not linked. You can get £250 that compare in many ways to ones that cost half that price. The best and only way to track down a great pair of headset for your personal budget is to check online and read all the reviews available.

By searching online, you’ll see that plenty of shopping sites with numerous reviews for every product you could want. This kind of rating is usually an excellent indication of a headset’s appeal. Look out for all things related to the durability, comfort, and also sound quality of the models.

Ease of Use

Some other aspects that determine how easy a headset is to use are its detachable boom mics, wireless capabilities, the system compatibility, and the installation of relevant software. You may want to research each of these elements before making a decision on your headset.

Shop for Headsets on Shoppingway

To shop for headsets, simply navigate to the Shoppingway homepage. From there, you can easily narrow down your item, according to certain types. Do this by using the options on the left of the screen. Open up the “All Categories” tab and then click on the link for “Gaming” or you can choose by Brands as well.

Read the listings for headsets before committing to a purchase. Also, be sure of the price of the model and remember to counter in shipping costs to the final package. Take a look at all the pictures of the headsets.


Headsets are what make a gaming session a truly immersive and personal experience. Not only do they cancel out exterior noise, but also allow you to control functions and also allow you to speak with fellow gamers during play. For the best results, research sellers thoroughly first, so you can feel confident with your choice. Select key features that are bound to allow for the best experience in your subsequent games.

About the Author. M Noman (Headphones-Earphones UK) is a ecommerce audio acoustic specialist, and this articles / product description is linked to his profile.

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