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Bluetooth Explained: Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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We have hectic lives. We travel, go to the gym, go shopping, have long commutes to work, and are told to go walking in order to keep ourselves fit. Most of these activities can be made more enjoyable by the addition of music that you enjoy. That’s where the versatility of using Bluetooth wireless headphones helps to improve things. Bluetooth headphones give users the chance to enjoy their favourite music or watch a film any time without having to be tied to the device they’re using by wires. This might be a small advantage, but it is a very real one.

This is a guide designed to help you to decide if Bluetooth wireless headphones[1] are best for you, and what you need to be looking for when you go shopping[2] to buy Bluetooth wireless headphones, to help ensure that you buy the best headphones for you at the best possible price.

A History of Bluetooth

Most people have only heard of Bluetooth technology in relation to mobile phones. The name itself causes a bit of confusion – after all, the technology has nothing to do with teeth, blue or otherwise. The name actually comes from the nickname of Harald I of Denmark, who ruled from roughly 958 to 985AD. He is known to the Scandinavians as the king who managed to unite several of the tribes in the region in an effort to create a unified Scandinavian state.

It was because of this uniting force attatched to his name that led Jim Kardach to use the English version of his nickname of ‘Blatand’ when he was seeking a name for a wireless technology meant to unite computers and cellphones. Even the symbol comes from the Nordic runes, a combination of the symbols Hagall (H) and Bjarkan (B) – Harald Bluetooth’s initials.

Modern Bluetooth

The initial idea Kardach came up with was a unifying technological platform which was meant to merge different electronic devices, but that was only the start for modern Bluetooth devices. The next stage was a system developed by Ericsson, and was meant to replace the cumbersom system of RS-232 cables which were then used to connect computers, printers, scanners and fax machines. The cumbersome nature of these cables made synchronisation between multiple devices almost impossible.

It was to answer this issue that the modern version of Bluetooth systems were developed. Bluettoth operates on a system known as frequency-hopping spread spectrum, and is based on a radio technology system. This basically takes information and cuts it into bite-sized pieces, which are then transmitted in chunks.

In order for a Bluetooth device to operate properly, it needs to have a Bluetooth profile. As a very basic rule, this means that they need to be compatible with a sset of protocols which are unique to Bluetooth devices. This means that there are a set of standards which manufacturers must stick to in order to classify their device as a Bluetooth device.

This can get a bit complicated, and in order to try to simplify things for consumers, there are three distinct classes which help to define the range of communication specific devices can utilise. Because Bluetooth devices use radiowaves, there isn’t a need for direct line of sight between the devices being used, although there is a limit to transmittion distances.This can be as little as 5 meters for Class 3 devices, up to 100 meters for Class 1 devices.

Benefits of Using Bluetooth

There are several practical reasons to look at switching to using Bluetooth wireless headphones. The four main ones are outlined below, and should help to make your decision about whether or not you should buy Bluetooth wireless headphones much easier.

• Using Bluetooth is Easy

In spite of the complicated system which works behind the scenes of every Bluetooth wireless device, using Bluetooth wireless headphones is a really simple process. Most music compatible devices already include built-in Bluetooth capacity, which means all you need to do is buy the headphones, turn them and the device on, and pairing them together. Added to this, the lack of wires improves mobility, making using them much less hassle than traditional wired headphones.

• Large Range

As a general rule, Bluetooth wireless headphones operate in the Class 2 of Bluetooth devices. This means that they work within a 30 foot range of the home unit without any interruption to the signal to the headphones.

• Can be Used on More than One Device

This is one of the biggest advantages over the older forms of compatibility technology. Bluetooth technology allows more than one device to be easily connected into one home unit. This means that more than one person can listen to the same device on several sets of paired Bluetooth wireless headphones.

In a very similar way, more than one device can be the ‘home’ device which the headphones are linked to. This means that you can link your headphones to your home computer, work computer, cell phone and ipod.

• Bluetooth Technology is Multi-functional

I completely accept that the technical description of Bluetooth technology can be a little overwhelming. This doesn’t change the fact that it has been carefully tested and controlled since its invention. This means that it will work on an old computer, a mobile phone, or an iPod with the same ease.

Buying Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

By now, you should realise that there are many benefits to buying yourself a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones. No matter of the use you are planning on putting them to, there are a variety of practical uses. Looking at buying a set means that you have to look at a few different aspects. Here is an overview:

Different Types

As with any electronic or audio-related technology, there is a wide range of potential specifications which you should consider when you are shopping for Bluetooth wireless headphones. These can range from the type of earbud they have, to whether they are over the ear, in the ear, foldable, headband, or ear-hook.

Where to Buy

Once you’ve worked out what form of headphones work best for you, you need to work out where to buy them from. This is where the internet can come in really handy – most major electronics retailers offer a wide range of Bluetooth wireless headphones. But we would recommend reliable and safe online retailers like shoppingway[3] .

Today, wireless devices are absolutely everwhere. The ability to use these devices when and where they are needed helps to make people’s lives and works easier. This includes the use of Bluetooth capable devices.

Users are offered a wide range of products, and have a wide range of potential options of places to buy from. As ever, it is highly recommended that you do your own research before making any purchase, as that way you can make certain that you get the best possible product at the best possible price.

About the Author. M Noman (Headphones-Earphones UK) is a ecommerce audio acoustic specialist, and this articles / product description is linked to his Google+[4] profile.

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