Beats Headphones and Apple

Beats Headphones and Apple

Apple has bought Beats for the grand sum of $3 billion – worked out by paying $2.6 billion plus approximately $400 million that will be given over time. A long way from the originally rumoured $3.2 billion which was originally rumoured – but at the same time, it is almost twice the value of the global headphone market, according to Bloomberg. Beats is certainly Apple’s largest acquisition to date.

beats studio headphones and Beats Headphones and Apple

The reasoning behind Apple’s decision to buy Beats has perplexed a good many people. In spite of this, Apple seems happy about the arrangement, in spite of the surprise and disbelief that the rest of the industry.

It still seems particularly strange, given that Beats headphones are more a fashion statement than anything else. Apple surely needs no help in designing good looking kit. Apple already makes headphones, and they certainly know about creating fashion icons, so why do they need Beats?

But then it was revealed that Beats does more than make headphones. They launched Beats Music, which is a subscription only music streaming service. This almost has to be why Apple was interested in the deal.

Beats Music doesn’t just stream music for you – it learns the type of music you enjoy, and then
smartoffers an individually tailored experience just for you. Beats Music is supposedly a long way above anything offered by any other music streaming service. It even allows you to select music to suit your frame of mind.

This will be a huge advantage to Apple, as it can’t be claimed that iTunes Radio is winning any awards. More and more people are turning away from iTunes to music streaming services – meaning that Apple really needs to offer a music streaming service in order to compete effectively.

In a statement, Eddy Cue, the group head of Apple’s Internet Software and Services group has said: “The addition of Beats will make our music line-up even better, from free streaming with iTunes Radio to a world-class subscription service in Beats, and of course buying music from the iTunes Store as customers have loved to do for years.”

Apple also seems keen on the celebrity endorsement which Beats brings – highlighting Beats association with prominent musicians, athletes, and other celebrities.

The theory seems to be that adding the fashionable Beats brand to Apple’s existing range could help to make Apple’s wearable tech trendy, and allows them to play music which suits your mood at the same time they give you directions to where you are meeting your friends might just be a winner with the public.

What Will Happen to Beats?


For fans of the Beats range, it is understandable to have a concern about the future of the brand. This means that there are a good many concerned people out there at the moment.

It seems that Beats Electronics will continue to operate as a separate brand under the Apple umbrella. They will continue to be sold, but in a far greater number of countries thanks to the connection that Apple brings with it.

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