Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On Ear Headphones Blue

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On Ear Headphones Blue

Key Points Beats Solo2

Improved acoustics for an outstanding purity of sound
Streamlined design, Ultra lightweight, provides enhanced wearing comfort
Lightweight & Durable with folding design for easy portability
Built-in microphone for convenient "hands-free" phone calls : Remote Talk integrated cable for to adjust the volume and take calls
Materials of headphones help to dissipate heat and to minimize acoustic leakage

The Pitch: Beats Solo 2 headphones

Solo2 is all about a streamlined design which is focused on being lightweight and comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. It offers drivers which deliver seriously deep bass and heavily tweaked high frequencies – offering the signature sound of the Beats Headphone range. A common view of the Beats headphone range is that they seem overpriced for what they are, but at £199.95, the Beats Solo2 offers a compelling value, along with the shining allure for sharing the make of your headphones with ones worn by a wide range of celebrities, athletes, and musicians.

The Solo2 headphones is a redesign of the most popular range in the Beats brand. The acoustics within the Solo2 have been updated and enhanced, allowing the user to feel a far wider range of sound with an enhanced clarity. They are more comfortable than ever, with a new streamlined, durable and lightweight design, allowing you to take your music anywhere with you.

The Solo2 design has incorporated a premium ear-cup material which helps to dissipate the heat which is produced along with minimizing sound leakage. Along with this, the Remote Talk functionality allows you to easily listen to music from your mobile phone, and easily switch between listening to music and taking calls without risking deafening you by broadcasting the call at the same volume as the music.

Designed for Comfort

The Solo2 headphones offer custom comfort, with the frame of the headphone having been redesigned in order to give a custom-fit feeling. The ear-cups are ergonomically designed in order to compliment this natural fit, and they pivot easily to provide optimal sound quality and comfort.

The all new and innovative design, and the flexible headband guarantees an optimal fit. Thus, you have the feeling that you are wearing a tailored set of headphones.

Last but not least, the beats Solo2 are built with high-quality material, that dissipates heat and reduces sound loss to a minimum.

Colors to Suit Everyone

Along with this, the Beats Solo2 headphones come in a range of colors, from black to pink, meaning that you can easily select the color which will best match your other devices and can easily change from one color to another without losing the quality of sound.

The new way to experience sound

Dive into an emotional experience of sound. The Solo2 beats deliver a wider and more dynamic sound range with a clarity of sound, that will bring you closer to what the artist intended you to hear. Regardless of your personal music taste, you can experience an even sharper high fidelity sound with your Solo2.

Ultimate wearing comfort

The Solo2 is designed to provide you with an incomparable comfort. Innovative in design, the flexible headband bent from the Center, to guarantee an optimal fit. Thus, you have the feeling that you are wearing a tailored set of headphones. The ear have been ergonomically angled and thanks to pivot points can be any, so the fit looks even more natural and you can enjoy the exceptionally accurate sound reproduction. Last but not least, the ear of the Solo2 with a high-quality material are equipped, that dissipates heat and reduces sound loss to a minimum.

Sleek, elegant design

Imagine a luxury sports car. The Solo2 proves itself by its elegant aesthetics, fast corners with no visible screws. Disciplined decisions in the development, design and material selection have meant that beats offer a truly robust set of headphones, which allows you to enjoy them for long periods.

Music and calls via Remote Talk switch cable and exercise

Take over the control. With the color-coordinated Remote Talk cable you can change music tracks, volume and even answer calls, without access to your phone or music player. (Compatible with iOS devices. Functionality may vary depending on the device. )

Pros and Cons

The biggest pros of the Solo2 are the lightweight, more comfortable fit, and the distortion-free audio which offers the boosted bass and bright highs the Beats range is known for. They are also easily foldable, making them ideal for life on the go.

On the flip side, the biggest cons of the Solo2 come from the big bass sound – this sound is not popular with everyone, and doesn't suit all types of music. They also cost a little more than the competing brands.

In conclusion, people who like the booming low-end bass sounds won't be disappointed by the sound quality offered by the Beats Solo2 headphones, and will probably be delighted by the extra functionality and the easy, comfortable design offered by this new range.


High performance headphones that are optimized for a sound of today's digital music thats more detailed and clear as possible, the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2 makes the bass in all their power and depth. Also, have a ControlTalk for on-cable playback control for smartphones, iPod and iPhone.

Beats audio

Beats electronics (beats) includes the beats by Dr. Dre product line of headphones, earphones and speakers of the highest quality, as well as the patented beats audio software technology and music streaming subscription service beats music.

Through a wide range of products and services, it has enabled beats, to create a listening experience comparable to studio listening with the same intensity, energy, emotion and tension.

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