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LED Light Bulbs | Spot Lights

LED light bulbs now look just as great as the traditional incandescent bulbs and they use 90% less energy as well (Check for A-F rating). On top of this, they can also put out the same level of brightness and this is just one of the many reasons why you should think about purchasing some of your own. We have done a test to see which LED bulbs you should buy so you can save money in no time at all while also ensuring that you get the very best result, every time. If you want your bulbs to be a best buy then you need to make sure that they are efficient and they also need to be durable as well. Bulbs that aren't efficient are more likely to fail after a period of time and they can give you an inconsistent level of light as well so it really is something that you want to avoid at all times.


Look Great


The biggest complaint when it comes to LED light bulbs is the fact that they aren't very nice to look at. With all the latest advancements however, you can now get LED bulbs that are installed onto a filament which means that they look just like the standard incandescent bulb but with energy saving capabilities.




Another complaint is that they aren't as bright as the traditional bulb, but our testing has shown that they produce the same amount of light so in theory you can light up an entire room with just one small bulb. Of course, LED lighting isn't perfect and that is no secret. When you compare them to halogen bulbs you will find that they aren't very energy efficient at all when it comes to colour rendering and this can be explained with ease.




Colour is measured in CRI and this means that the higher score that they have, the less likely they are to alter the colour in a room. A halogen bulb has a CRI rating of 99 which means that they are able to brighten the room without changing the colour of the objects inside. LED bulbs on the other hand display a CRI rating of 80 so they aren't very good at all.


So how much money can you actually save with LED lighting?


If you replace six of your halogen spotlight bulbs with some Best Buy LED lights then you will get your money back in as little as 7 months. After this period of time, you will make a saving of £32 every year on your energy bills and this is if the bulbs are on for two hours every single day. You should note that LED bulbs are very expensive to buy when compared to halogen but the energy saving capabilities more than make up for this. LED bulbs last much longer as well and they can last over 20 years in some instances. Halogen bulbs of course only last for two years, so as you can see, overall, LED is the better alternative.


Now it was impossible for us to test the life of an LED bulb ourselves because by the time we have waited 15 years, the sale that we have available would have ended. Even so, it isn't hard to see why LED is the better alternative and it is a well known fact that halogen bulbs wear out after a relatively short amount of time. Even though some LED bulbs are quite expensive, they still offer plenty of benefits and that is why we have tested bulbs that cost around £25 to see how they compare. Our testing revealed that the price didn't really affect the quality of the bulb so when you have Best Buy bulbs for sale at £5, you should probably go for them over the more expensive bulbs that are on the market. Why don't you take a look at our bulb reviews today to see what we have tested as well as taking the guesswork out of your shopping trip?


We're confident that you'll love the Best Buy LED lights and they really do surpass the other bulbs on the market when you compare them to the halogen alternative.